ABONDONED - this packages are no longer maintained

hedes debian packages - armv7 - armhf

Disclaimer: I'm not an experienced package maintainer. Thus the packages here might be broken in any kind. They are unsigned and provided for testing purposes only. Use at your own risk! In particular I'm not a kolab developer! Nevertheless I'm using them by my own - in my live system.

For Kolab packages: Those binary packages are built by a simple script from the sources at Kolab OBS repository .
The source files should be identical in most cases. But I modify the one or other to fit my needs. (All modifications are listed in the corresponding changelogs and provided by the source files.)

Comments are welcome: Use eMail or the contact form. There are outdated, development and snapshot releases:

Last modified on 2018-05-05
I'm currently using: winterfell-dev with guam from winterfell-current

Packages for Debian 9 "stretch" armhf / ARMv7 - currently I'm using one of those snapshots:

Packages for Debian 8 "jessie" armhf / ARMv7:

There are (outdated) packages for Debian 7.0 "wheezy" armhf / ARMv7:

see debian subdir

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